Innerscore for Parents:

At Innerscore, we include parents to play an equally important role in their child’s upbringing and academic learning, thereby their success in life. Innerscore provides necessary frameworks, tools, and insights from time to time so that parents have tab on their child’s journey.

Know Your Child: Innerscore provides parents with many slices of understanding of their child, that are both quantitative and qualitative. It also provides research-based AI tools for parents to record and infer ever changing personality of their child to take timely corrective steps, if needed. It also provides a detailed portfolio of the child which will be a treasure for the parents.

Help Your Child: There are many ways parents can help children stay focused on learning. Innerscore provides framework and content for active involvement of parents in their child’s learning without much effort and at the same time immensely helping their child.

Stay Ahead: Parenting is both science and art. Parents do not need to search all around the web to find answers to the most important questions regarding their child’s growth and progress. With Innerscore parents have access to content which can help to steer the growth of their child. With just a few clicks, a parent can master the art and become a Proud Parent.