Innerscore is an outcome-based education system that makes learning joyful. Through AI-powered evaluations, we curate a custom learning path for each student to study their curriculum at their own pace. Innerscore’s goal is to help students attain proficiency in their chosen subjects in a fun way. Along the way, Innerscore also helps teachers in facilitating their students’ learning effortlessly. Parents too will embody a much more important and involved role in their child’s academic career, just through the click of a button. Everyone has their part to play in our co-school, Innerscore!

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Innerscore is a personalized teacher and mentor for students. Our goal is to make learning a gratifying experience for children, helping them achieve mastery without any learning gaps. Through reward-based self-assessments and expert teacher curated content, our platform constantly excites students as they race towards proficiency in their chosen subjects. Teachers and parents are deeply engaged in the student learning process. Innerscore offers clear and insightful visibility into each child’s progress, along with tips to improve their learning. It aims to boost students’ learning and expand their knowledge through this one-of-a-kind experience!

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Mr. Naga Tummala has had an extended entrepreneurial career, during which he cemented several start-up businesses of different K-12 Education variants in India. Mr. Naga is experienced in curriculum design, product development, technology integration, and business strategy. The past three decades he has spent in this industry have made him adept at building highly productive teams, designing educational infrastructure, and managing broad-scale projects. He also has a successful track record of managing operations involving large, remote teams. He co-founded and developed the People Combine Group with Mr. Raj Yarlagadda in 1993. Conceptualizing, building, and exiting the Oakridge International Schools in about two decades demonstrates Mr. Naga’s ability to create value for all stakeholders. Mr. Naga holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and a Management degree from ISB.

Naga Tummala
Co-founder, CPO & CEO

Mr. Raj Yarlagadda co-founded the People Combine Group along with Mr. Naga Tummala in 1993. At People Combine, he is responsible for driving business development, managing strategic finance and handling new project initiatives. Over the past 30 years, he has grown to become an expert in change management and leadership development across several business verticals. His breadth of knowledge combined with his strong entrepreneurial nature has earned him and his partner, Mr. Naga, several accolades. Mr. Raj is a popular speaker on matters of Sales, Branding, and building happy and productive teams. Mr. Raj holds a degree in Civil Engineering and a Management degree from ISB.

Raj Yarlagadda
Co-founder,Chief of Strategy & Business


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