Innerscore for Teachers:

Our Motto is to empower every teacher with tools to reduce their workload and focus more on the teaching-learning process. Innerscore offers teachers to upgrade their skills effortlessly and be more effective instantly. Features of Teacher App include:

Student Engagement Tips: Just like teachers, at Innerscore we strongly believe that every child is unique and hence every child needs to be engaged differently. Teachers get daily tips to engage students for their academic and non-academic success.

Parent Engagement Tips: Parents are demanding because their children are their life. To engage such parents, teachers need to be multi-talented. Innerscore provides daily tips for teachers on how to engage parents and make them partners in their child’s upbringing and success.

Worksheets: In order to reduce teacher’s workload, Innerscore creates standard worksheets and has provision for creation of custom worksheets. Teachers can design worksheets effortlessly and engage students through personalized teaching.

Learning Opportunities: “Being teacher is being learner”. Innerscore provides learning opportunities for teachers to upgrade their skills effortlessly just by the click of a button even during commute to school.

Journal: Innerscore offers standard and custom lesson plans and teaching plans for smart and effective teaching.

Community: Innerscore creates a community of experts and peers to share and learn best practices from each other across the globe thereby learning something new every day and opportunity to understand the trends across.

Edutain: It is not all about work with Innerscore. Making learning joyful applies to teachers as well. Play games with your peers. Create your own team and challenge others. Why should students only have all the fun?.

News and Updates: Innerscore provides news in and around education to keep you updated and informed about your profession and developments.