Community Engagement Executive


Innerscore is an outcome-based education system that creates a custom learning path for students and makes learning joyful. Our goal is to help a student attain proficiency in the chosen subject. Innerscore also helps teachers and parents along the way to help them facilitate the student's learning.

Innerscore is formed by the People Combine group, which has about three decades of rich experience in the sector. Visit for more details.

Location Hyderabad, India

Number of positions - 1


If you are passionate about adding value for the teacher community and creating a lasting impact on education, you might land up this role. We are building an app for teachers which helps them reduce their workload and upskill themselves effortlessly. As a Community Engagement Executive, you would be responsible for growing and driving the teacher community through meaningful engagements on the Innerscore Teacher app.


Job Description

        Inspire and support educators in India as they use Innerscore Teacher App

        Plan, deliver, and amplify community engagement initiatives.

        Drive engagement matrices


Skills and Attributes: 

        Passion for working with educators.

        Should have the ability to adapt quickly to changes to meet the demands of an ever-growing platform effectively.

        Experience in creating a diverse community

        A strong understanding of Indian School systems is a plus

        Experience in social media management is a must.

        Attention to detail and ability to multitask




        2+ years of experience launching community initiatives (e.g., building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series, and writing an email newsletter)

        Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must.

        MBA/PGDM in Marketing is a plus.


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