Intern – Community Research


Innerscore is an outcome-based education system that creates a custom learning path for students and makes learning joyful. Our goal is to help student attain proficiency in the chosen subject. Innerscore also helps teachers and parents along the way to help them facilitate the student’s learning.

Innerscore is formed by People Combine group, which has about 3 decades of rich experience in the sector. Visit for more details.

We have initiated this primary research assignment to identify top 20 educators (star-teachers) in your city. Educators can be schoolteacher, tuition teachers, head mistress, etc. of schools from any board/grade/curriculum.


Duration – 4 weeks

Location – Work from Home

Stipend – Rs. 12,000 for 4 weeks (paid on completion of 4 weeks)

Time – 6 days a week (Mon to Sat), 3 – 4 hrs a day.


Project Scope:

1.      Identify 20 educators in your city

2.      Connect with 20 educators and find 5 names of star-educators (from each one) who they think are popular in the city.

3.      Prepare a questionnaire for these educators to understand the reason to nominate a candidate as a star-educator.

4.      From the list of 100+ star-educators, identify the names which are common and create a list of top 20 star-educators

5.      Identify a fresh set of 20 educators to know if they agree with the 20 star-educators list. They can also suggest additional names for star-educators in your city.

6.      Compile a final list and collect the contact details of every educator and star-educator.

Skills and Attributes:

1.      Excellent relationship building skills and communication skills

2.      Primary Research

3.      Problem solving and thinking on the feet

4.      Attention to detail and ability to multitask.


Assignment before the internship


1.      Create a list of qualities you would like to ask an educator on why they considered a teacher a star-teacher.